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Protecting your business from Internet Threats

Approximately 82,000 new threats on the Internet are discovered every day. Most threats emerge from outside the United States from such sites as the former Soviet Union. The United States remains fairly safe, however most people or businesses will experience some type of attack. Even Apple OS is no longer safe and Android and IPhones are now being attacked.

A major business attack can have a tremendous impact. On an annualized basis, information theft accounts for 43 percent of total external costs, and recovery and detection combined account for 49 percent of the total internal activity cost. “My doom” in 2006 caused an estimated $38.5 billion in economic damage world-wide!

Consider the impact on your business if you were to:

  • lose Accounts Receivable information
  • lose electronic medical records
  • lose critical project diagrams, schematics and changes
  • be unable to use your computers due to power failure, equipment failure, fire, theft or other physical damage

So what should you do to make it safer for your business?

  • Avoid questionable sites. Surf carefully!
  • Change password frequently and use effective naming conventions with numbers, Capital letters and special characters. KeyPass© is an example of a simple free tool to track a wide range of passwords.
  • Be careful opening email files and attachments or clicking on links within emails. Never open a zip file. Avoid any emails with obvious poor language or misspellings.
  • Use virus protection software and keep it updated. There are many reasonably priced packages as well as some highly effective free ones.
  • If your computer is acting strangely or if you think you have been hit by a virus, shut down immediately and get help from a reliable IT service provider ASAP.
  • Back up! Back up! Back up!
  • Make sure to train your employees in good surfing habits.
  • If you’re a business, regardless of size, make sure you have a proven protection and back up process that is consistent and make sure you test it!

While no precautions can total eliminate a company’s exposure to some form of internet attack, following these simple steps will greatly reduce your exposure.