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Maintaining Operation Uptime through IT Solutions


Maintaining Operation Uptime through IT Solutions

Infogistics IT can develop solutions to cover operational needs beyond the standard 8AM to 5PM workday, 5 days per week. Using remote management tools and coordinated notification systems we can quickly respond to critical situations that may emerge regardless of time of day and day of week.

Situation: Ben Weitsman and Son, Inc. is a high volume recycling/reclamation business that operates seven days a week for up to twelve hours per day. Failure of any of their systems impacts the speed of their operation. They literally had to switch to manual procedures to keep their business functioning! This could result in lost revenue when delay and increased wait time caused their clients to choose an alternative vendor. Ben Weitsman was looking for a reliable 24/7 solution to keep their systems up and running smoothly.

Action Plan: Infogistics IT designed a Managed Service approach that provides for remote monitoring and rapid response to disruptions. Any failure encountered by Ben Weitsman personnel is quickly reported to members of the Infogistics IT team, enabling response within an hour or less. Remote monitoring and access tools frequently allow correction without going on-site, if necessary, Infogistics IT personnel travel to the customer location to correct more serious issues. In addition, Infogistics IT installed and periodically verifies backup and recovery systems that guarantee rapid return to operation even if they encounter a major disaster such as a power failure.

Result: The installation of this Managed Service approach has provided for quick correction of various disruptions that have occurred during operations. From PC’s to printers, Infogistics IT has been able to address problems and minimize disruptions.

Ben-Weitsman-of-RochesterTestimonial: “The partnership with InfogisticsIT has significantly improved our operations and minimized disruptions. Their rapid response plus monitoring of systems has provided the confidence that operational impacts will be minimized and that we will continue to operate regardless of problems encountered.”

Dean Rudy,
Ben Weitsman and Son Inc.