Emerging Techologies


Installation and Use of Emerging Technologies – Go mobile. Link tablets, iPads and smart phones to your business systems to stay connected on multiple devices. Business no longer just happens at a desk – empower your team to get their work done from anywhere, and take advantage of the new mobile world.

Situation: Pre-Trial Services Corporation, a long-time Infogistics IT client, needed a better way to record their client’s information offsite and capture it for future use within their main system, without incurring retraining time. Current up-to-date data was critical to Pre-Trial Services Corporation, as was the need to keep the data secure in and out of their offices.

Action Plan: A comprehensive system was designed in which personnel used portable tablets to record information while working offsite, which could be transferred to their database upon their return. This system is self-contained and does not require access to Wi-Fi networks or external systems, making remote connectivity a non-issue. Manual and duplicate keying of data into the database was no longer necessary and allowed their client’s information to be more current.

Result: The client’s data was portable, secure, up-to-date and staff was no longer double-keying information, thereby increasing their productivity and reducing errors.

Testimonial: “Infogistics IT provided a technology solution incorporating portable tablets to allow our staff to be more productive by providing more timely information at the point where it is most useful. This has streamlined capture of information as well as setting the stage for additional use of new technology”

Craig McNair, Executive Director,
Monroe County Pre-Trial Services Corporation