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Free Data Integrity Audit

Are you willing to invest 30 minutes to answer this question?

“How long can my business function should our computer system go down and how much will it cost my business per hour of downtime?”

Consider the quote below:
"As a computer systems network manager and member of the nonprofit High Tech Crime Consortium, Kevin McDonald has seen all manner of data disasters: the medical company whose patient treatment records were lost in a warehouse fire; the police department whose website host vanished overnight; even the careless employee whose leaky liter of Coke ruined a computer server. “If you are a small business and you have a catastrophic loss of data, more likely than not you will never recover,” says McDonald, executive vice president at Alvaka Networks in Irvine, Calif. “Data storage is so cheap now, if you can’t afford it you should shut your business down and do something else.”

Business Week “How to protect your company’s data” Karen E. Klein March 26, 2012


Here are a few more questions to ask yourself regarding your business:

  1. How long would it take to recover from a full system failure?
  2. Do you have backups offsite?
  3. Are you backing up your key data files (or instead one of your employee's iTunes folders)?
  4. Can you recover data or transactions from a few days back?
  5. Do you have applications that require reconfiguration after a recovery?
  6. Who do you contact in case of failure and what is their average response time?

Most businesses implement a backup plan for their data but never a recovery plan. In addition, most backup plans involve only one backup method. Disasters are not always a straight hardware failure. For instance, if your tape drive is not writing the correct data to your tapes, you have a major issue that worsens each day. This is not an acceptable risk, especially with the availability and low cost of today's backup devices. A complete disaster plan should consist of a documented backup plan, archive schedule, recovery plan and documented testing procedures and reviews.

Let us help!

INFOGISTICS IT is offering a Data Integrity Audit of your business. We will meet with you to discuss your current back up process as well as identify your critical data elements and where they reside in your backup media. After the review, we will issue an evaluation of your current disaster plan and any recommendations.

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