Unique Technical Requirements


Do you have multiple legacy systems, or solutions you wished could “talk” to each other? Sometimes you need a custom out-of-the-box solution to solve your unique problem! Infogistics IT can connect data between multiple systems for maximum efficiency.

Situation: Practicefirst Medical Management Solutions is a full service Physician Practice Management Company located in Western New York, serving medical practices across the Northeastern United States. In a constantly evolving medical landscape, this growing healthcare services company needed a way to retrieve its Clients Medical Records from numerous sites and different software platforms to quickly analyze data and merge it into production databases for medical coding and billing processing.

Action: Infogistics IT set up processes to use various VPN technologies to remotely retrieve Medical Records from diverse platforms and to capture and extract appropriate data. In addition, a customized functional web-based solution was created to provide medical coders a structured method to input billing charges after coding a patient encounter.

Result: The multiple unique download features created by Infogistics IT automated the process of pulling patient data into the existing system in a secure manner and eliminated the need for several hours of daily manual access. The Medical Coder webpage assists coders in making sure that all necessary elements are completed, which has led to improved medical coder efficiency and accuracy.

pracfirst_logo1Testimonial: “Working with Infogistics IT has allowed our IT staff to integrate a diverse population of clients into our billing and medical management solutions. Their support of a wide range of technologies and medical systems combined with our internal IT personnel has enabled us to address key support and operational issues and expand our customer base without limiting us to one specific technology or system.”

Thomas Maher,
Practicefirst Medical Management Solutions