Multiple Vendors with Complex Technology


If you have complex systems with multiple internal and external customers, we are your solution!

Situation: Sirness Vending, a local leading distributor of food and beverages with a growing number of on-site distribution kiosks, needed to integrate multiple technology systems to monitor customer activity. This monitoring required video surveillance of the kiosks while segregating customer contract information. There was also a need for secure monitoring of physical access to the home office facility. Two outside vendors needed full access to their software and various devices and it was necessary that both networks be kept separate and distinct.

Action Plan: A multi-pronged solution was designed. First, a bridge approach for specific workstations was installed to allow access to multiple networks. Then, other workstations were assigned to a specific network and configured to limit access to their specific networks. Lastly, a secure Wi-Fi capability outside of the network was put in place, and staff trained to handle the simple day-to-day maintenance of the networks.

Result: Sirness Vending’s outside vendors have full access to the software they need, while being isolated from other vendor packages. Sirness team members can closely monitor the computer network and physical access and have the security measure of local and remote video monitoring of both the facility and kiosks.

sirness-vending-logo-smTestimonial: “We have worked with Infogistics IT since 1998 when they salvaged a major equipment failure for us. They have been able to address unique technical requirements for our business by applying innovative solutions in a timely solution.”

Tom Nesser, President,
Sirness Vending