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Protecting your business from Internet Threats

Approximately 82,000 new threats on the Internet are discovered every day. Most threats emerge from outside the United States from such sites as the former Soviet Union. The United States remains fairly safe, however most people or businesses will experience some type of attack. Even Apple OS is no longer safe and Android and IPhones…
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Computer performance and security

This topic could cover pages of suggestions and issues. We will cover just a few simple steps to keep your workstations running well. Step one is to have a good anti-virus program running and performing active protection. Most workstations are shipped with a trial version of an anti-virus already in place. Step two is to…
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Back up Your Data!

Home computers have changed in use over the years. Children are required to use computers for homework. Social media has become one of the main uses for home computers. Computer games and entertainment have grown tremendously. However, all these outlets have hidden dangers. Writers of viruses and malware realize that home computers are used for…
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